Welcome to Aah Star!

Aah Star is a new Social Media Platform launched for Professional Athletes and Entertainers to provide Exclusive Content to their Fans.

Aah Star allows existing Social Media Fans to become FanScribers. Fans can register for Free on Aah Star Platform. They pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to subscribe to their favorite Athletes and Entertainers to become FanScribers.

FanScribers will receive exclusive content such as photos, messages, videos, music playlist and live-screaming. They will also be eligible to participate in a Raffle for prizes such as cash, tickets to events and merchandise. They will also have access to their Athletes and Entertainer’s website to buy discounted merchandise.

Why should Rich Professional Athletes and Entertainers pay to register on Aah Star’s Platform? Because your Fans will be able to support you long after your careers end. They buy tickets to your sporting events, your movies and watch your tv shows. Becoming a member of Aah Star allows you to generate additional revenue (Residual Income).

If you have 1 million or more followers on other social media platforms, Aah Star allows you to invite them to become your FanScribers. Your estimated revenue could exceed $100,000 per month.